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Playground Love

Le salon | “Playground Love”


12.10.2023 — 12.11.2023

Amélie Bigard & Renaud Artaban


12.10.2023 — 17h

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts of Cergy, FR (2021), Amélie Bigard develops an artistic practice that takes shape mainly with painting, but also with video and installation. Borrowing from the art of the icon the technique of tempera on wood, the use of gold leaf or the quasi-religious postures of her subjects, she presents «icons of a godless world», which seem to find refuge in the meeting and the game. More info

After a degree in history, he graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Marseille (2021). Renaud Artaban’s paintings summon childhood spirits and bury them in tar. Desolate landscapes from which emerge irradiated monsters, remnants, burnt-out houses and surviving flowers etched on canvas. More info

Saliva Live, October 2023
Playground Love, Amélie Bigard & Renaud Artaban at DS Galerie