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31.08 — 03.09.2023



Solo show | Xolo Cuintle


31.08.2023 — 03.09.2023




Xolo Cuintle is an artist duo formed by Romy Texier (1995) and Valentin Vie Binet (1996), who live in Paris and work in Aubervilliers. The duo constructs heterotopic spaces, on the threshold between dream and simulacrum. Within these deserted and petrified scenes, a new grammar of ornaments takes shape which, in layers, form an interpretation of time through the decorative arts. Between furniture and sculpture, décor and interiors, their constructions are a meticulous setup in which the furniture is sometimes sculpture, pedestal, backdrops. In these spaces, where the temporality is undefinable, dwell objects who’s narrative potential constitute the topography of our daily life. With their four hands, the duo create concrete sculptures and transform this solid and inert material into a fertile soil from which flourishes organic inspired ornamentation. More info

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