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dach&zephir, “Machann Pannié”

06.09 — 16.09.2023


“Machann Pannié”

Solo show | dach&zephir


06.09.2023 — 16.09.2023

Machann Pannié


09.09.2023 — 17h

Graduates of the École Nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2016, Florian Dach and Dimitri Zephir form the duo dach&zephir. Conceived as a free creative space, they cross their experiences - which have their roots in Paris and Guadeloupe - in search of what makes history and identity. Small stories - forgotten, neglected or unrecognised (as opposed to official history) and cultural heritages - both tangible and intangible - become rich design material, capable of generating a language of forms, materials and uses at the origin of artefacts and new narratives. More info

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